The Hellenic Folklore Research Centre was established in 1918 by Nicolaos G. Politis, as a Folklore Archive, aiming “at collecting, preserving and publishing the memories and other records of the life and language of the Greek people”. In 1926, when the Academy of Athens was established, it was placed under its aegis.
Today, the Centre constitutes the National Documentation Centre for traditional and contemporary Greek culture. It has a specialized library and a rich archive of unpublished material on all aspects of traditional Greek life and culture. Its activities include field trips, research projects, publications, conferences, exhibitions and other events. It provides academic support for museums and for cultural bodies in the provinces of Greece.
In the framework of the project “Hellenic National Documentation Network of the Intangible and Tangible Cultural Heritage” (2012-2015), a digitization of the special archives of Proverbs and Popular Legends took place, and a digital repository was created.